Welcome to Joy in the Morning, a blog dedicated to a journey of thriving with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). If you don't know, HG is a condition that affects 1% of pregnant women. It is severe (hyper) nausea and vomiting (emesis) in pregnancy (gravidarum), that usually lasts until about 18 weeks, and in an even smaller number, the entire pregnancy. I happen to be a part of that smaller number. From about 5 weeks on I am dreadfully sick. I cannot look at anything green without hurling. I have aversions to nearly all smells, textures, tastes (or lack thereof), even sounds. This is no quaint morning sickness, in which a saltine cracker and some ginger ale will quell the nausea. This is all day, all night, constant, for 9 months. Some days the prayer is that one cup of water will stay down. And, unfortunately, I learned recently that when it comes to HG, my experience was practically rosy. Other women suffer throwing up blood, esophageal tearing or rupturing, severe electrolyte imbalances, handicapped babies due to growth restrictions and lack of nutrients, gallbladder disease, uterine infections, even fetal and/or maternal death (among other things that I can't remember).

So why "Joy in the Morning"? What is that, some sort of twisted irony? Maybe. I'm thinking of it as an intention. My first two pregnancies I suffered through HG. With my first, I felt like it would mean I was a strong person if I resisted meds. Thankfully I found Unisom at 6 months and was able to cope the rest of the pregnancy. With my 2nd pregnancy, I had learned a few things. I managed my HG much better and threw up less frequently, though the nausea, aversions, and depression were constant. I survived my first two pregnancies. I am now gearing up for number 3. This time there is no "Oops, we're pregnant." There can't be. There is months of prepping and researching and learning. My goal is not really to prevent HG, because everything I've read seems to indicate there's no sure-fire thing I really can do since they don't really know what causes it. Though I've read a number of articles and testimonies that seem to indicate there are things I can do now to counter the HG, I can't rely on this, because there's always the very real chance that it won't work. Rather, my goal is to THRIVE with it.  I intend to have joy in my next pregnancy.

When I first set out to research everything I could, I think my goal was ultimately to not be sick and not have to take meds, but I realized that might be unrealistic. I don't want to set my self up for failure. So I have changed my perspective. Thriving with HG will require persistence, consistency, and hard work. It will require a lot of supplements, probably a few medications, outside help, and diligence. And I want to share everything I learn and do with anyone who needs this, too. This is my journey. I do not know where it will lead, and so Joy in the Morning will be my mantra. I'm going to choose joy in the morning, in spite of what comes of my efforts.

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