Thursday, June 25, 2015

Liver (and probably t.m.i.)

I guess I'll talk about the Liver first, since that's what is currently on my mind. The source in the Quick Links is where I got the commendation to do a liver cleanse. From what I've read, among the liver's 500+ functions is to filter out pregnancy hormones. However, if the liver is congested or not functioning properly, it can't filter them out and they continue to recycle and accumulate in the body causing HG. This is just a theory. But there seems to be (mostly) theories when it comes to the source of HG.

I came across this liver flush from my niece, which we did together. Warning: this is where it might get tmi. Also a little "quacky" (though I don't like that term). I'll be honest, western allopathic medicine only offers me three different kinds of medications and IV drips when it comes to HG, so I'm willing to take the "quack" route, in addition to any necessary meds. If you're not into being nontraditional, then this probably won't interest you...or most of what I end up doing for that matter. I'm too stubborn and naturally minded to believe that x, y, and z meds are the only things that can help me, and postmortum at that. Because HG is basically a daily dying, not just spiritually. 

I suppose my liver cleansing really started a year ago when I went on the GAPS diet rather intensely. Thanks to this I cured my carb addiction and got myself in a better eating habit (though I'm not perfect by any means...whatever perfect means when it comes to food...ask the vegan, the frutitarian, or the WAPF-ian). Then in an herbal class in April/May we spent two weeks focusing on our livers which included body work, herbs, clean eating and juices, and intention. Then, in June, I commenced this more intense flush. 

And the flush is intense. I believe it was extremely effective, albeit left me feeling like crap initially. I felt as sick as I do while I'm pregnant, which was both a poignant reminder and a motivation. I also learned that I could have halved the recipes for my body size (which probably would have kept me from being so nauseous). The second time I did the flush I was diligent to use coffee colonics before and after the flush, skin brushing and epsom salt baths to assist the detox, activated charcoal to carry released toxins out, Vit C to keep things moving, and acupuncture to balance everything out. I recovered much better the 2nd time taking those measures. I feel no need to continue with the flushes.
Something I learned while doing these flushes is that liver disease and gallbladder disorders can actually cause HG. And, in a sad twist of irony (?), HG can also cause gallbladder disorders. So if you didn't before, now you do! Yay! Well, this liver flush also flushes out the gallbladder and bile ducts. Hooray! I feel stronger and more aware. I can do this. 

Herbs that also assist the liver that I will be or already am taking: Blessed Thistle (280 mg a day prepregnancy, increased once pregnant), dandelion (gentle and excellent for pregnancy and breastfeeding as it is high in essential nutrients like potassium and a galactogogue), and burdock root (supports and strengthens the liver). I like to drink a tea of dandelion, burdock, and licorice roots. I'm trying to drink a cup a day. I also have a cup of home-brew kombucha daily, which is a cleansing tonic rich in B vitamins all by itself.

Which reminds me, I haven't had my 'buch today. Here's to my liver!

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