Saturday, April 2, 2016

Preemptive Care

A few months ago I thought I was pregnant. Like, was 99% sure, shocked when I wasn't (but not necessarily sad either). Though, perhaps one can be metaphorically or even spiritually pregnant... At any rate, it was helpful for one thing: giving me a kick in the pants. Thinking I was pregnant made me make a game plan of what I was going to do immediately to counter HG that I didn't do last time. These are some of the things I came up with:

~ Sip diluted Apple Cider Vinegar throughout the day
~ Take Cocolaurin
~ Continue frequent magnesium baths/spray
~ Continue triple Juice Plus
~ Go to bed early
~ Drink clay right before bed
~ Take ginger (I was going to get capsules, but decided that would be stupid once I was already sick, and decided pure ginger essential oil would make more sense. A dab under the tongue would provide immediate absorption without the hassle of actually swallowing pills. I've read a number testimonies of this being very helpful.) Also drinking ginger tea. I should probably drink ginger tea everyday even when I'm not pregnant.
~ Increase vanilla bean intake (Vanilla bean was used in the pacific islands to treat nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. It also happens to be high in Vit Bs among other things. Great addition to smoothies.)
~ Scents - I decided there should be a scent on hand that would help with nausea, given that smells are such a huge factor in the nausea. I chose Stress Away since it contains citrus and vanilla - which  reduce nausea. I think this will be an enjoyable scent when I am pregnant again.
~ Lastly, I decided I would begin acupuncture as soon as there was a positive test. Ideally I hope to go acupuncture prior to conception, but since one can't always plan on these things going to plan...

Of course, in the end I wasn't pregnant and am not pregnant. But I felt prepared anyway. 

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  1. I've been through the "I KNOW I'M PREGNANT" scare so many times - it's scary! Babies are wonderful, but the threat of repeat HG scares me. It sounds like you had a great protocol, and I hope it really helps when you do get a positive test! :) Now you've got me out researching Bentonite clay. I have heard of its use for NVP, but never really looked into it. I actually have some now for a toothpaste protocol for one of our children, so I'm interested in trying it. Hey, I'll try (almost) anything!! :)