Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I first learned about Magnesium and HG just weeks before my second pregnancy. I took weekly epsom salt baths and drank mineral water that had a natural magnesium content. Another suggestion I often read is to make or buy magnesium oil and use topically, I think I did this a few times. But I was already pregnant, so I can't say I noticed much help. Though I do crave the baths when pregnant.

Currently I am taking a Magnesium Concentrace Mineral supplement. It tastes pretty awful. I do think I am sleeping better because of this. Though, I need to go to bed earlier, reduce my screen time, and reduce other stimulating activities at night to encourage easing into a drowsy state. One piece of advice re:HG I read was to not nap during the day so the body is tired enough by bedtime to stay asleep. I will remember this for next time. Hopefully the magnesium will help with this, too, as it also reduces restless leg, which I've had in both pregnancies, disrupting my ability to fall asleep.

Magnesium can be found in bone broths, seaweed, nuts, green leafies, and unrefined sea salt - yay! Don't you just love all the overlap happening? I do. Sigh. Food is medicine, ya'll. Food is medicine.

::EDIT:: I am using spray on magnesium from Pink Stork Solutions

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