Monday, July 27, 2015

H. Pylori and Other Bacteria

Bacteria is awesome. I'm fascinated by the growing field of microbiology. While food has been discussed, what processes that food - the gut - hasn't. And inside that gut are millions and billions of bacteria. But sometimes things get out of whack. We quit breastfeeding our babies, take antibiotics, eat unhealthy foodstuffs, remove traditionally-fermented foods and drinks from our diets, clean obsessively, eat too much sugar, wash with antibacterial soaps, don't eat food from the dirt....all these things which can lead to imbalances in our guts - bacterial overgrowths like h. pylori and yeast like candida. There are many studies out there showing that a high percentage of women with HG also test positive for H. pylori (large list of studies), indicating a connection between gut health and HG.

I stumbled upon this product from Pink Stork Solutions - Cocolaurin. According to the site it is lauric acid derived from coconut oil. Lauric Acid is an essential compound found in breastmilk that "helps maintain a normal, healthy balance of intestinal flora and yeast." It's also effective against viruses, fungi, and parasites, according to this site. This article has more interesting info on monolaurin and how it works in general.

I've had gut issues my whole life. So this product has been added in with a probiotic every day.

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